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Kenyan Lady Murdered In Saudi Arabia for Dating An Arab Man

murder-300x172Just a few days after a video of a Kenyan lady in Saudi Arabia begging to be saved from her abusive employers made its rounds on social media, another lady has reportedly been murdered in the same country.

The lady is said to have gone out with an Arabic man contrary to the employment regulations which prohibit any African lady from going out with any man of Arabic decent.

Loise Njeri a Kenyan lady working in Saudi Arabia and also the deceased’s colleague told Ghetto Radio News that the lady was allegedly beaten by her employers to death when she came back home from her date.

“After they have killed you, they throw your body in a dump site to rot there because most of them do not report these deaths,” says Njeri.

“When they do not report, they create an illusion back at home that you are still working and yet one is already dead,” she adds.

An officer from the Ministry of Foreign affairs told Ghetto Radio News that they have not yet received a report on the case but however confirmed that they have received thousands of distress cases about Kenyans being abused in Saudi Arabia.

“We are appealing to Kenyans to report these cases to us as soon as they hear of them, so that we can get in touch with the families and also save them from those deplorable situations,” said the official.

The deceased is a Kenyan lady from Wangige Kiambu County.

Njeri says apart from being prohibited from dating Arabic men the ladies are also forced to convert their religion to Islam as a way of ensuring their safety.

“They take you to Mecca and when you do not convert they torture to death,” says Njeri.

According to Njeri majority of the ladies there have had to convert to Islam to save themselves from torture.