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It’s a hard life: Bizarre jobs celebrities hire assistants for after Kim Kardashian’s bum sanders

Kim Kardashian

Another day in the office

Another day in the office

Being Kim Kardashian’s assistant is a bum job but someone has to do it….

Two lucky ass-istants are seen smothering sand on the reality TV star’s famous bottom during a sexy photoshoot in Thailand as seen on the latest episode of her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But don’t expect the two men to be giving up their jobs anytime soon as they looked like they were getting a lot of job satisfaction during the shoot.

And in the world of celebrity, you can get assistants to do pretty much any job.

From being Mariah Carey’s drinks holder, feeding Lena Dunham her lunch and carrying Lady Gaga, we round up the best – and worst – jobs in showbiz….

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's human drink holder

Mariah Carey’s human drink holder

We wonder if this woman had any previous experience when she applied to be a drinks holder for Mariah Carey?

Back in 2008, the diva’s then vocal coaches, David and Carrie Grant, who judged on Fame Academy, claimed the 44-year-old hired someone just to hold her drink and straw.

Carrie said: “There was a woman that held her drink with a straw. That’s all she does, flies around the world as a drinks holder.”

David added: “It’s like old monarchs had food tasters. She has a drinks holder so she doesn’t smudge her lipstick.”


Riri's assistant at work

Riri’s assistant at work

Earlier this year, one of Rihanna’s assistants was tasked with pouring bottled water down her naked back and bottom for a racy photo shoot in just a white crop top.

Many men would pay to be this up close and personal to the sexy 26-year-old singer but this fella isn’t even smiling. Perhaps it’s just another day, another dollar to him.

Eva Longoria

Straightening  out a few loose ends

Straightening out a few loose ends

With such a long and heavy train, it’s no wonder actress Eva Longoria’s dress needed its own personal assistant.

Despite wearing her own tight fitting dress and heels, the female assistant managed to keep her composure as she adjusted the 39-year-old Desperate Housewives star’s gown on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2012.

We’re dying to know whether the assistant lists ‘dress holding’ as a skill on her CV.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s assistant at work.

Filming is a tiring business as award-winning actress Lena Dunham knows only too well.

During a break from filming her hit TV series, Girls, the 28-year-old was apparently too busy to hold her sandwich – so someone did it for her.

If only us mere mortals had someone to do that while we worked at our desk.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars gets his nose cleaned. Photo:Startraks Photo/Rex Features

Bruno Mars gets his nose cleaned. Photo:Startraks Photo/Rex Features

You can get an assistant for pretty much anything these days.

An assistant of singer Bruno Mars, 28, was on hand to apparently blow his nose before an appearance on TV show Extras.

But what happens to the used towels? We, Bruno’s many adoring fans, bet you could make a killing selling them on eBay.

Lady Gaga

Legs not working? photo:Splash

Legs not working?

Being Lady Gaga and walking about in her trademark sky high heels is a tiring job but luckily she has a strong man on hand to give her a lift.

The 28-year-old singer’s bodyguard picked her up during a photoshoot with famous photographer Annie Leibowitz and carried her to the last set of the day.

But when our feet hurt after a night on the town we just take our shoes off and dance around them.

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