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Diamond’s Concert in Stuttgart Ends In Chaos and Injuries

The vandalised venue.Photo: Facebook

The vandalised venue.Photo: Facebook

East Africa’ s superstar Diamond Platnumz’s was in Germany last weekend to entertain his fans. The Tanzanian award winning hit maker had two concerts scheduled in Germany. His concert in Essen went on smoothly on Friday. The one scheduled for Saturday in Stuttgart  however turned chaotic.Things were so bad, the singer had to be given police escort while leaving  the venue.The concert which was to take place in Messehalle Sindelfingen near Stuttgart had attracted an estimated 500 people.

Trouble started when frustrated fans who had turned up  for the show began throwing bottles and vandalising the hall, as it was late into the night and Diamond was yet to arrive. It is was reported that even one of the DJs laptop disappeared in the fracas only to be recovered on the next day.

The vandalised hall. Photo: Facebook

The vandalised hall. Photo: Facebook

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Some of the seven Amblances that were at the venue. Photo: Peter Schwabe

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The police had to be called in to control the unrully crowd and even had to use pepper spray at some point  to disperse them when things got out of hand. Reports by local press indicate that 18 police patrol cars and 36 police officers were necessary for the exercise.  A 48 year old man is reported to have been seriously injured after being hit by a bottle. He is in hospital undergoing treatment at the Intensive Care Unit.Seven other people including one ambulance crew and security personel of the event organizer are also reported to have sustained minor injuries.

Diamond leaving the Venue. Photo: Peter Schwabe

Diamond leaving the Venue. Photo: Peter Schwabe

Diamond then arrived  at the venue at 4 am. He could however not perform because the equipment was not functioning. This caused another spat of rage from the fans who had hoped that their long awaited concert was taking place after all.They threw bottles at Diamond and began vandalising the hall yet again.The visibly dejected singer was forced to leave the venue in a huff under police escort.

He took to Facebook on the next morning to appologize to his fans and express his frustration and disappointment at the organizers of the event.


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